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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 14, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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that 94 was set back in 1931. 81 out towards d.c. look at frederick, the warmer spot at 84 degrees at the present now. so your forecast shows us into the 70s through the course of this evening. cloudy. and temperatures falling from the 68 mark to the upper 50s, and then we'll wake up to around 60 degrees as we head into tomorrow morning. we do have an active tropic picture over the central atlantic. this is tropical storm nadine. we'll talk more about her and your weekend forecast coming up in a bit. thank you. it was just wednesday that the state health officials let us know that a second person in maryland had died from the west nile virus. now anne arundel county has confirmed a third case of the virus this week, although this one was not deadly that is still two fewer than the county had last year. several counties have been spraying for mosquitoes to stop the spread of the virus. a terrible morning for people in one essex
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neighborhood. baltimore county police say this man set fire to a carport, several vehicles and a boat. jamie brown lives in the neighborhood. and he had two vehicles in his carport burned along with a boat. he told us he doesn't believe the fire was set at his home. >> and just paid for the bought. just -- boat and just paid for the boat, paid cash for the boat and i bought it, fixed it up and i don't even have it in my name yet, you ing for the title. >> brown says all he can do now is tell police what he can and wait for insurance adjuster. a former city police officer gives thanks to a hospital for saving his life, not once, but twice. gene cassidy braved the microphones at the university of maryland mecal center today but his true bravery began 25 years ago.
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while makingen arrest, he was shot twice in the head and may have died if it wasn't for shock trauma. left blind, he would later face death again the dire need of a liver transplant. the maryland medical center and an unknown organ donor came to his aid. >> we thought we would lose gene. gene.(.ecl) that's what we thought, and fortunately things work in mysteriously. at that time a donor became available and we were able to move forward with liver transplantation. >> a miracle, thank god is inphi anytime, you know what i -- inphi anytime. you never know how many miracles you have received -- you will receive and i have received one with the liver transplant. >> gene and his family encourage everyone to become organ donors an he is anxious to get back to work. he is always dedicated to the police force and he teaches law to the new recruits at the police academy. >> some lucky students were the first to try a new inter-active
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learning tool about the war of 1812. the technology launched today to commemorate the 198th anniversary of the writing of the star spangled banner. the fort mchenry guard led the students in a flag unfurling ceremony and then they headed inside to the computer lab to test inter-active computer games for an approach to the war of 1812. the british royal family today taking a bold and somewhat unprecedented move pursuing legal action against a french magazine to stop it from reprinting topless pictures of the duchess of cambridge taken while she and her husband prince william vacation there had. the couple were midway through a diamond jubilee tour of the far east when they learned about the photos. as abc 2 news reports, the word is they're furious. >> you have given us the most wonderful welcome. >> reporter: only days into their tour to asia, the royal couple learned nude photos of the duchess of cambridge were printed in the french gossip
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magazine. the pictures were said to have been taken at this secluded french ease sate where they spent several days before their asian trip began. and the sour source -- sources tell abc news at first they were saddened and then angry. now the palace says legal action is being launched against the publishers for breach of policy. >> there is a ental of not suing the media. you're talking about a long lens on vacation and in france where the privacy laws are very tough. >> reporter: they call the photos reminisce sent of the worst excesses of the papparazzi during the life of princess diana. it was 15 years ago princess diana died fleeing the papparazzi the france. >> and it would be a badge of honor, if they get taken to court, they would be delighted. >> reporter: the photos also come weeks after prince harry was photographed nude while partying in las vegas, but the editor say this is is
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different, and defends the publication. one out of two women are topless at every beam in the -- beach in the world. >> reporter: they're not revealing how much it paid for the photos. the royal couple will continue their tour while tear attorneys hand this will matter back home. brandy hicks, abc news, los angeles. and so whatever happens in court, we want to know what you think about the pictures getting published. just head to abc 2 and weigh. in we already have dozens of comments, so add yours to the mix. southwest airlines is usually your go to if you're looking for cheap flights, but expect to pay more soon. how much their ticket prices are going up, and what other airlines are following suit. and monday night, a new show premieres on abc 2. it is called "the list." we'll tell you what it is all about and hear from the host, coming up. and take a look. looking gorgeous. we have a picture perfect weekend coming up. we'll talk more about that next on the news at 5:30.
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if you plan on flying southwest anytime soon, expect to see higher fares. the airline raised round trip fares by about $10 on about 400 routes. so far only united has matched
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that hike. since the beginning of the year, five fare hikes have been initiated and matched, but several have been taken back. an attempt led by delta to raise prices last week failed which may be a sign airlines are worried about filling seats in a sluggish economy. >> anyone who wants to upgrade to the new iphone 5 can start ordering today. apple made its latest gadget available for online preorders this morning. the phone will be for sale in stores next friday. the prices for the thinner, lighter, upgraded model start at $199 with a contract. the same price as the iphone 4s. and there is a tool we use to keep our lives on track. we have to do lists, grocery lists and another show coming to abc is using the same tactic to run down what is happening around the country the news and entertainment. and to get you up to date, we sat down with one of the hosts for a preview of "the list." you want the headlines, and you can dial into what is creating a buzz around the country, but it has to be fresh and fun. >> this is the most exciting
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new show that baltimore has ever sn. >> and she is talking about "the list," a new show that hits the airwaves on abc 2 monday. it is a mash-up of the biggest stories from baltimore and beyond, the good, the bad and the ugly. >> we're basically going to be the curators of what is happening during the day, whether it comes to reality tv or evening shows or morning shows, and we're going to consolidate everything for your viewers. a show that from here in charm city as well as other places, and they're counting on your help as well asking the viewers to send in ideas, videos and pictures on social media so they can be part of the show. >> we're going to be asking for viewers' opinions every single day. we would love for the viewers to give us their feedback. we want to be able to display those obviously on our show as well. >> want to know more about "the list"? check out the show's facebook page." . the list" beginning monday at
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7:00 p.m. here on abc 2. and the judges' panel on "american idol" next season? that is a big question. even though fox is expected to make an announcement, katie couric may have already spilled the beans on her show before this newscast. couric said keith urban are joining mariah carey and randy jackson. fox says the only concerned eye -- confirmed "idol" judge is mariah. and the presidential candidates, what they're saying in the wake of alarming violence overseas. and after a long week, a wine festival sounds like the perfect way to unwind. where you can taste local wines this weekend.
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in during the course of the morning hours. watch as the sunshine peeks out and looks really good. temperatures into the 80s. starting to see the clouds moving in. so we have still a little more summer left in the season out into the chesapeake bay area. ocean city, and local summer now? you see a few guys out there kind of soaking up some sunshine. it is a beautiful day in ocean city a mixture of sunshine and clouds now. we're at 80 degrees at bwi. 49% humidity. the dew point at 59 degrees. there is a little moisture out there and there could be shots, and we're really not headlining that. we're headlining more of a breeze going into tomorrow afternoon. the warmer spot, 84 in frederick right now. d.c. checking in at 81 degrees and the winds are calm now and that will start to change after midnight. notice the clouds starting to stream in. and deep creek, and so we keep the clouds in the forecast for your hour by hour.
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8:00, 74 degrees. we'll wake up to around 60 and a beautiful afternoon tomorrow a blend of sunshine and clouds. 74 degrees. and let's talk about the radar. it is clear overhead. pittsburgh, our radar network is showing scattered showers. most of our activity is well to the north. maybe a passing shower up in northern carroll county, baltimore county, maybe northern harper county. you can see the bulk of the moisture is up in new england. we're just left with the clouds, and we'll slide it back to the south. this branches off and goes towards the south. there is going to be another storm system that entrains itself with this and that will move in our direction. take a look at the temperatures behind this front. chicago, minneapolis, so this is the cooler shot of air that comes into play. a quick look at the tropics. there is nadine. it is about 1,400 miles's- southeast of ocean city so maybe swells, and this will
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continue to slide off twartsdz the north and eventually curving towards the north and to the east. the only weather woes is this cold front that will pass through the area. the high pressure builds. in a breezy afternoon with a blend of sunshine and clouds. more sun for your sunday afternoon, and then we'll watch a storm start to develop as we head into monday. future trend temperatures into the 60s. low 60s tonight. 50s north and west of town. tomorrow afternoon, under a blend of sunshine and clouds. a cool night saturday night going into sunday with nighttime temperatures falling back into the 50s. maybe a few spots over interior frederick county. we could be dealing with temperatures in the upper 40s. sunday with our temperatures getting back into the 70s. so really a nice-looking weekend overall. so it the clouds that we deal with tonight. maybe a spotty shower north of town. an tomorrow, 76 degrees. and the breeze will be kicking out of the northwesterly direction between 10 to 15. your exclusive seven-day forecast from channel 2, 76 for
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tomorrow. 77 on sunday, and then windy conditions, and then we'll be watching that system as we head into monday. 74 degrees. we'll be in to the 70s for a better portion of the next week. we'll end on a sunny note. you can always keep tabs on the latest weather forecast and that is again through our wmar app you can get not only on android now but also apple. you get your current conditions, radar. cow can even pull up your latest forecast. -- you can even pull up your latest forecast. both parties are on edge with the unrest in the middle east. the focus has been on foreign policy. we have more on that from washington. >> reporter: today president obama is off the campaign trail, but the republican candidates are definitely on the attack. >> amid all of these threats and dangers, what we do not see is steady, consistent american
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leadership. >> reporter: today mitt romney's running mate, paul ryan, kicked off his speech to a large group of conservatives at the values voters summit. >> in the days ahead and in the years ahead, american foreign policy needs morale clarity and firmness of purpose. >> reporter: some of the speakers seemed to join ryan by poking fun at the president's global strategy, including the congresswoman michele bachmann. >> president obama needs to get his priorities straight. what he needs to do is cancel his interview with david letterman, cancel his meeting with beyonce and jay-z and  instead agree to meet with the prime minister of is israel benjamin netanyahu. >> and they released a statement right after paul roin's speech saying his the p and dishonest. this was president obama's message for the american people. >> what i want all of you to know is that we're going to bring those who killed our fellow americans to justice.
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[ applause ] >> reporter: and earlier today the president attended a ceremony for the victims of the libya attack. he is set to go back out on the campaign trail on monday with two spots, both happening in ohio. and mitt romney also had some strong words today for president obama when it comes to the debate. what can you tell us about that? >> he is in the middle of preparing for these debates and it was really just last week that he was practicing along the ohio senator. he is stepping in and playing the role of president obama. and here is what romney, though, had to say in an abc interview about what it is going to be like to debate the president. >> i think the challenge that i have in the debate is that the president tends to -- how shall i say isn't it? say thing as the aren't true. and in that kind of case it is difficult to say, well, am i going to spend my time correcting things that aren't quite accurate or am i going to spend my time talking about the things i want to talk about? >> so the first debate is scheduled to take place on
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october 3 in denver, colorado. >> well, those were some fighting words. live for us in washington. thank you so much for that report. well, you see it far too often in maryland's waterways, trash floating in our harbors, streams and bays. one group will try to do something about that this weekend. abc 2 news tony mar sala reports on a global effort you can join. >> reporter: rocky point county park. beautiful water front views, great wild life and you can't beat the fishing. >> and this morning, high tides, 5:15, and waiting for a bite. >> reporter: diane is looking for a striper at her favorite spot, and the one thing she is not seeing, a lot of trash, thanks to the fishermen guarding the waters. >> they say, hey, man, you're getting ready to leave. you have all of that stuff over there. they'll be back. they follow them up to the parking lot, made them come back and clean it up. >> reporter: even as pretty as the park look, if you look a little closer, it gets ugly. >> yes, there you go.
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it is a tree bag. >> reporter: bags, bottles, wrappers, the underbrush is littered with litter. >> every place is a water shed, so you can be downtown baltimore or in western maryland, and if you drop trash where it accidentally falls on the ground, it eventually is going to find a stream and find a river and it eventually will end up in our bay. >> reporter: that's why she organizes sites all over our area for the international coastal clean-up. she has been volunteering at clean-up sites for almost 20 years. here in maryland, just the rest of the world, the top pollutants are cigarette butts -- butts of which they gathered 5,000 pounds. >> they just don't think of the consequences of it. it is like the the beach where the people throw their cigarettes in the sand. excuse me, but we found birds that had cigarette butts in their intestines a under stomachs. they think it is food. >> reporter: the most common trash is caps and plastic
5:53 pm
bottles. you get the weird stuff, too. >> toilets, hart of a boat -- part of a boat. >> reporter: and some really weird stuff. >> don't put this in. do not put this in. >> reporter: you never know what you're going to find, so grab the kids, enjo i the weather, and as one volunteer likes to say, get out and save the bay. >> when you're around this long enough and you see the kind of things that you see, just over the time that you're here, you want to get involved. you can't help but get involved. >> reporter: in rocky point, abc 2 news. for a list of clean-up sites and free registration which isn't mandatory, we set up a link on our web site, so sign up to clean up. and coming up, all new at 6:00, a glen burnie neighborhood on alert tonight. an armed man breaks into a 70- year-old woman's home where the police think it may be linked to another break-in two years ago. and unless you're living under a rock about a smart phone, you know apple unveiled its latest iphone this week. a look at apple's other
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products that may have gotten lost in the shuffle. now a prevow of what is ahead on "world news" at 6:30. it is a woman's world. new businesses, new inventions right here in america so how did these moms turn their homespun ideas into a small fortune? it is all about being. see the whole picture tonight on "world news" with diane sawyer on abc. [ç?w?ñ?ñ
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after a three-game sweep of tampa bay, the orioles are looking to take their momentum out west. they kick off a nine-game road trip in oakland torrent. the o's are still tied with the yankees for first place in the division. oakland holds the top spot h in the american league wildcard standings.
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joe saunders will be on the mound tonight and the first pitch is at 10:05. you have to stay up late for that one. it is a big sports weekend all around for baltimore fans. the ravens will take on the philadelphia eagles. the ravens are looking the avoid a letdown. they squeaked out a win over cleveland. kick-off is the at 1:00 on sunday over philly. if you need something to do in between all of the games this weekend, you can head out to the carroll county farm museum for the 29th annual the festival features tastings of wines from maryland wineries, live music, food from local restaurants, arts and crafts and wine education seminars. it runs saturday from 10:00 to 6:00 and sunday from noon to 6:00. tickets cost between $20 and $65 for the weekend. the children 12 and under are admitted for free. if you want more information, you can go to marylandwinefestival. org. it may still be september, but red robin is getting a head start on celebrating october
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fest. the chain is introducing a new october fest milk shake. the shake is perfect for anyone who loves beer and sweet treats. it is made with soft serve ice cream, vanilla and car amedical and sam adams october fest draft. they are adding other fall items to its menu including a burger and honey bourbon lemonade. a prince george's high school student shot while walking to school. how his friends and classmates remember him that is coming up on abc 2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. >> people in one part of glen burnie are keeping their eyes open tonight after a burglary that was eerily similar to an attack two years ago. and another confirmed case of west nile virus in anne arundel county. we'll look at what is being done to combat the


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